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Welcome to Casa Shalom


Casa Shalom, the Institute for Marrano (Anusim) Studies, is a centre for all those interested in the subject of crypto-Jews -- laymen, scholars, genealogists, and descendants of Anusim. We research and collect material from all over the world, including the Jews of Mashad (Iran), Ireland, Sao Tomé , the American Southwest, South America, Cuba and other Caribbean islands, Spain, Portugal, and the Balearic Islands. 

We are engaged in projects linked to universities in the UK and America, including the connection between Marranos and Free Masonry, and the 18th century immigration from Minorca, Spain to Florida and Cuba, which included many Marranos, as our recent research has brought to light. We have traced some of the descendants of this group to modern times, and have found a continuance of Jewish customs in many of these families. 

Casa Shalom offers lectures and seminars in our center in Netanya, Israel. Gloria Mound, the Executive Director of Casa Shalom, has been on dozens of speaking tours in the United States and Europe.

A very important component of Casa Shalom's work is our commitment to helping the descendants of secret Jews, the b'nei anusim, to investigate and reclaim their heritage.

Please read on in the following pages about Casa Shalom. And, if you are convinced, as we are, that our work is important, please support us.

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In Memoriam


It is with the deepest regret that we announce the passing of our Honorary President, Mr. Elie Schalit,  on the eve of his 94th birthday.

Expansion News
Casa Shalom, the Institute For Marrano-Annusim Studies, is continuing with its MacDonald St. Netanya office, but is opening another, larger office in Jerusalem this summer (2015) in conjunction with an International  world-wide outreach organization.  Gloria Mound, will continue to be seen at Netanya College by appointment, tel: +972-50-749-2516.  An update of the present situation is in our latest highly esteemed Casa Shalom Members Journal, that  has gone out to all members. Further details will follow shortly about telephone, etc. plus  hours of opening of new office.
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